Meet the World in one Place

We believe learning a language goes beyond grammar. It’s building bridges. Growing. Discovering. It goes beyond the classroom. Into relationships, and living new experiences. Because a language is more than a course, it is a new culture to live. 

Who we are

We don't teach French, we make you live it

why choose us

We forge a path to excellence

The IFLE program aims to :

  • Help you to master the written and spoken language
  • Prepare you for the exams for official language diplomas
  • Offer opportunities for national or international careers
  • Create a unique and enriching multicultural experience 

Over 90 years of experience teaching French. Thousands of students living and loving the experience.

The Institute of French as a Foreign Language (Ifle) has been providing French courses to non-French speakers for over 90 years. Thousands of students from all over the world have come to our school to learn the language of Molière. Located on a magnificent campus 15 minutes away from Geneva’s international airport and in the foothills of a Savoyard village, the Ifle not only offers a breathtaking view of the Geneva basin but also a top quality infrastructure. On our campus you will discover two beautiful residences, bright classrooms, a multimedia centre, a language laboratory, a cafeteria and even a climbing wall for rock-climbing lovers.


You are the actor of your training

Interaction & experience are at the core of our courses

You will become operational in different communication situations. Make the most out of the interactions in and out the classroom to grow.  We balance basic language skills – oral and written comprehension, production and interaction – and enrich them with socio-cultural sharing. 


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